Compliance Recording

Compliance Recording

Our compliance recording solution is a comprehensive multi-channel interaction recording solution that enables organisations to deliver better customer service, ensures regulatory compliance, helps fight fraud and grants business insight to assist in driving revenue growth.

The solution is a scalable, secure and resilient platform that makes it easy to capture, store and manage all your customer interactions across different communication channels including; telephone conversations, emails, Skype calls and screen activity, amongst others.

We serve leading organizations from a variety of industries, such as banks and financial institutions, telecommunications, healthcare, call centres, regulatory bodies and public safety.

Unified Work Force Optimisation Suite [WFO]

Contact centres of all sizes require management tools and analytics to help monitor performance and provide insights based on customer feedback to enhance employee engagement.

AtComm provides NICE Uptivity, a complete, flexible and modular workforce optimization solution that is easy to deploy, use and scale for small to medium sized contact centres. Complete compatibility across all NICE products creates an easy path to expand or alter your applications to grow with your business.

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