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ATCOMM Security provides a complete technology-driven end-to-end security ecosystem, comprising a full range of solutions to meet the security requirements of different organisations. From unparalleled video surveillance and access control to body scanners and drug detectors, we have the right solution to protect your employees, assets and customers, as well as the public.

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Our next-generation video security solutions, powered by AI, enable you to manage threat detection more efficiently, enabling faster response when every second matters and creating a safe and secure environment

Agent security

With ATCOMM body-worn camera, you stay in control of every situation, keeping your frontliners connected and safe. Our body-worn cameras allow you to capture audio and video on the move, share real-time video, process evidence to improve the safety of your personnel and create a safe working environment.

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Perimeter security

Our perimeter security solutions comprise video surveillance embedded with advanced AI as well as video analytics. Packed with advanced features and complemented by a video management software, our comprehensive range of cameras includes PTZ camera, thermal camera, fisheye camera, dome camera and camera line, amongst others.

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Our intelligent access security solutions allow you to identify potential threats in real time, enabling operators to respond rapidly to alerts and take decisive action at the right time, improving efficiency, safety and security at all times.

Access control

Our enterprise-grade access control solutions are designed to keep your property and employees safe and secure. With our secured cloud-based platform, you can conveniently manage access from any browser, wherever you are. Our ready-to-deploy high performing solution can also be integrated with a video management software, offering an all-in-one security solution for the monitoring of your CCTV as well as access control systems facilities/sites.

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Body scanner

Our advanced, full body automatic contraband detection solutions, powered by complex AI, can immediately detect whatever is not naturally part of a human body – metals, electronic devices, narcotics in any shapes, forms and types -, wherever they are hidden on and inside the body.

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Baggage scanner

Our latest generation of x-ray security scanners offer exceptional threat detection capabilities by eliminating blind spots, enabling operators to better identity potential threats.

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Drug & Chemical trace detector

We offer the most advanced drug detectors on the market, giving you the facility of a laboratory in your pocket. Our high-quality products are durable, reliable and designed to work in harsh and critical situations.

Our detector offers first responders, border protection and law enforcement an advanced method to identify potential threats in an improved tactical form factor, thereby improving functionality, particularly in high stress environments.

By combining the 1064 nm Raman advantage with improved ergonomics and sample presentation, ResQ CQL makes it even easier to perform chemical analysis of powders, liquids, gels, mixtures and more.

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