Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve​

Over the past two decades, we have built our reputation across a diverse array of industries whereby communication efficiency
is critical for day-to-day, minute-by-minute operations. From aviation and finance, to petroleum and public safety, we have
successfully collaborated with various industry leaders to provide world-class technology and solutions.
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Transport & Logistics

Over the past twenty years, AtComm has built long-lasting relationships with companies within the transport sector, offering tailor made communication solutions across all services offered within our diverse portfolio of products. AtComm provided the aviation sector with a state-of-the-art digital two-way radio communication system, giving instantaneous and clear voice communication between airport workers.


AtComm has built up a sound reputation within the financial sector in the region, providing a diverse array of communication solutions to leading financial institutions. Each solution has been tailormade to meet the communication needs of each client within the industry. AtComm implemented the Nice Advanced Recording Platform at a financial institution within the region, enabling the bank to become compliant with regulatory requirements.

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We work with key regional hospitality partners across the region by providing them with bespoke, efficient and effective communication tools (two-way radios) and wireless connectivity (WAN), allowing for unified connectivity across the board. AtComm has successfully designed, supplied and maintained a private Wide Area Network throughout a leading hotel group’s ten different sites and resorts, utilising our sophisticated site network location, offering point-to-point interconnectivity solutions.


AtComm is a leading provider of customer-centric communication solutions to the security industry within our region, providing competitive yet tailored tools, excellent service and efficient support when needed. AtComm has provided two-way communication solutions to leading companies in the security sector, assisting in the efficient and effective communication between integral team members.

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AtComm has worked with various retail partners to provide concise communication solutions that enable them to deliver better customer service, ensures compliance and assists in driving revenue growth. AtComm recently became the primary WAN connectivity service provider for an important retail player in Mauritius.

Energy & Minerals

AtComm is proud to work with numerous companies in the petroleum and mining sectors, by creating seamless convergence solutions for teams to effectively communicate with peace-of-mind and further supported by our expert team of technicians. AtComm devised a two-way radio solution for the petroleum industry with regards to loading and discharging tankers. The solution included mission critical technology which allowed for group call communication between all eight stakeholders in the industry.

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Public Safety

During emergency situations, two-way radio is a crucial tool in ensuring the reliable, secure and real-time transmission of communication when every second counts. AtComm delivers intelligent mission critical communication solutions to the public safety industry to help save lives and improve public safety.


AtComm works alongside leaders in the regional construction sector to assist them with effective communication solutions, mainly two-way radio communication tools, that enable their workforce to effectively and securely communicate with each other on construction sites of any size.

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