WAN Solutions for the Hospitality Sector

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In 2007, AtComm successfully delivered a complex WAN solution to New Mauritius Hotels (NMH), a leading hospitality group in the region. The project consisted of designing, supplying and maintaining a private Wide Area Network (WAN) among its ten different Resorts, utilising our sophisticated high site network location, offering point-to-point interconnectivity solutions. 

The Challenges

  • NMH required a strong and secure network redundancy/wireless backup solution in addition to their primary network connectivity.
  • They needed constant and reliable connectivity, particularly if a connection became unavailable.
  • There was a need to ensure network availability and reliability at all times.
  • Reduce risk and downtime.
  • Create a highly resilient network through a state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure.

The Solution

AtComm was selected as the preferred service provider to rollout NMH’s wireless backup solution. In order to provide a service of this magnitude, AtComm  was able to offer NMH the ability to create highly resilient networks, providing the perfect choice of path diversity from traditional fibre networks through our state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure.  We added additional connections with different technologies (e.g. wireless) to the NMH network (fibre/wired), allowing the customer to benefit from constant and reliable connectivity.

  • The AtComm technical team executed a thorough pre-engineering plan, incorporating link planner software to optimise highly detailed specifications with regards to site location, equipment, and the configuration of devices.
  • Once the technical feasibility of the link was planned, the physical installation took place.
  • Upon  completion, the team then rolled out the subsequent alignment adjustments required in order to achieve the expected bandwidths and signal levels indicated by the link planner.
  • The project consisted of:
    •  DragonWavex platform (licensed).
    • Cambium Networks ePMP platform (unlicensed).
    • DragonWavex Microwave for the backbone.
    • ePMP 1000 for the last miles.
  • The solution was then managed by AtComm’s end-to-end wireless network management and monitoring system.

Solution Outcomes

After installation, AtComm was able to deliver

  • More bandwidth.
  • Faster speed.
  • Lower latency.
  • A reliable and secure backup solution.
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