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To further underscore AtComm’s position as a leading and reliable wireless broadband service provider, we have recently been selected as the primary WAN connectivity service provider for EMCAR. The project consisted of interconnecting EMCAR’s 10 geographically dispersed branches as well as providing a failover solution at their head office.

The Challenges

  • To manage latency issues, connection delays, and packet losses experienced with EMCAR’s previous service provider.
  • To achieve high customer satisfaction with seamless network performance.
  • To provide a reliable and well managed WAN solution at minimal costs, including the implementation of backup connectivity.
  • To implement an active backup solution – for both standby mode and specific application services.
  • To incorporate a support system that helps minimise turnaround times on faults and failures.

The Solutions

  • AtComm designed a sustainable network based on our backbone infrastructure and Cambium equipment, laying out a configuration solution that was not only capable of meeting the existing needs efficiently, but one that can scale in anticipation of future growth.
  • For Last Miles – Cambium equipment was selected to ensure that all EMCAR shops receives  high-quality service.
  • The unlicensed ePMP™ PTP Force 110 family of point-to-point solutions was selected to meet the demand for high performance connectivity.
  • We provide a world-class WAN solution using AtComm’s backbone infrastructure.
  • In addition to the WAN solution, we implemented a monitoring system with 24/7 support to maximise network availability.
  • We delivered a solution for applications such as; data, voice and most importantly, mission critical applications.

Solution Outcomes

  • This project helped maximise EMCAR’s network availability and connectivity.
  • This new network, along with the monitoring system, enabled a full overview of any problems efficiently, reducing time wasted looking for faults.
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